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FBS Block

Item brandDimensionsConcrete grade
  L, mmB, mmH, mmConcrete volume, m3Item weight, kg
FBS 24.3.6Т23803005800,41984B 10
FBS 12.3.6Т11803005800,20480B 10
FBS 8.3.6Т8003005800,14336B 10
FBS 24.4.6Т23804005800,541296B 10
FBS 12.4.6Т11804005800,27648B 10
FBS 8.4.6Т8004005800,20480B 10
FBS 24.5.6Т23805005800,681632B 10
FBS 12.5.6Т11805005800,33792B 10
FBS 8.5.6Т8005005800,24576B 10
FBS 24.6.6Т23806005800,821968B 10
FBS 12.6.6Т11806005800,40960B 10
FBS 8.6.6Т8006005800,29696B 10

Foundation blocks are used during the construction of walls of basements and components of strip foundations. The primary purpose of foundation blocks is redistribution of the entire building load on the foundation.

Among the main advantages of foundation blocks are:

  • Long-life
  • Reliability
  • High quality of items

Foundation blocks of the solid cross-section for basement walls are made of heavyweight concrete with the grade В7,5 and frost resistance of F50. If agreed additionally, blocks may be manufactured of another grade concrete.


Foundation blocks made of concrete are varieties of reinforced concrete products, the direct purpose of which is foundation laying. Moreover, they are used for the construction of basement premises, various partitions, sheds. They are used in the agricultural sector, for example, while building complexes. Blocks are used when erecting walls of tunnels. There are some more ways of the foundation blocks application: road protection, road repair, coast reclamation in case of destructive floods. The military uses FBS blocks for the construction of protection structures, barriers.


  • Time saving, since there is no need to mix concrete and keep to the proportions. The installation is very quick;
  • Strength of structure. Some types may have special mortices that strengthen a structure;
  • Block are resistant to frost, to acid soils sue to the special agents;
  • Special hooks allow facilitating the base installation.


  • This is an expensive material. You will need building machinery to install it.
  • There is an opportunity for the foundation subsidence. The structure is not integral. This means that each block may behave in various ways.


  • silicate concrete;
  • keramzit concrete;
  • armed concrete.

While making silicate concrete lime is added. The mortar will be moderate in weight. Blocks shall be marked S letter. The product weight ranges from 290 kg to 1,7 tons. According to DSTU, this type shall not be used under the conditions of increased humidity, hence, it mustn’t be used as a foundation.

While making keramzit concrete, keramzit (expanded clay aggregate) is added to the mortar. Keramzit itself is a porous material. That is why, this proportion is the lightest, block weight is from 250 kg to 1,5 tons. The product will be marked with L letter, in other words, lightweight. Low price, high water absorption, and low strength all this is peculiar to keramzit concrete. It may be used for the construction of light buildings.

Reinforced concrete blocks have big weight due to the density of the material. The weight ranges from 250 kg to 2 tons. It is marked with T letter that means heavy. It is designed for multi-story buildings.

Foundation blocks are distinguished by shape, profile, size. They have different marking:

  • Rectangular blocks with pits are called FBS. They are used for the installation of a strip foundation, installation of low story walls.
  • There are hollow blocks used for the monolithic foundation. They are marked FBP. Blocks are used for the construction of high-rise buildings.
  • They may be with the trapezium-shaped and rectangular cross-section. They are marked BF.
  • Cylindrical columns for the construction of isolated footing and pile foundation. They are marked F.
  • Trapezium-shaped blocks are used for strip and pier foundations. This product is marked with FO.

Figures after a block are overall dimensions in decimetres. The first figure means length, the second is width, and the last one is height.

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