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VESTT Company values its customers that is why pays great attention to the quality of products as well as to high rates of construction at all stages.

The Company implements modern technologies, adopts experience of innovative solutions in construction.

To control the quality of concrete mixes and materials used for their production, there is a laboratory as a part of the Quality Control Department in the territory of the manufacturing complex.

Our laboratory carries out the following tests and conducts incoming quality control of the materials delivered to the territory of the complex:

  • aggregates: sand, crushed stone, screening
  • binding agents: cement (gyps, slag)
  • mineral admixtures: pigments (slag, limestone)
  • chemical additives: plasticizing agents, retarding agents

The functions of the laboratory:

  • management of legal framework of an enterprise (standards, requirements, technology)
  • incoming quality control of raw materials
  • manufacturing step-by-step checking
  • periodical inspection of the quality of products
  • preparing quality certification documents (certificates, protocols, quality certificate)
  • maintenance of detailed design documentation (logs, journals, registration forms, protocols)
  • selection and adjustment of concrete mixture for manufacturing products and commercial concrete
  • implementation of innovative solutions
  • product differentiation, choosing new components for manufacturing products  
  • presentation of products – properties, advantages, fields of application
  • tracking products on site – from manufacturing to operation
  • customer feedback
  • responses to reclamations

Legal Framework Management

  • maintenance of catalogue of regulatory documents
  • management of methods and instructions
  • log keeping at all stages of quality control
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