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Metal Structures Manufacturing

VESTT Company can develop and manufacture steelworks of any complexity. We can propose manufacturing products both of own raw materials and on a give-and-take basis. Among other things, we can manufacture structures both according to Your design (drawings) and develop a project by efforts of our skilled specialists.

During the period of working in the market, we have gained experience in designing and manufacturing of steelworks of various types and complexity:

  • body shell of transport trucks;
  • trailers, semitrailers, agricultural machinery;
  • building frames used together with other building materials;
  • storage tanks made of metal;
  • light-gauge constructions for various fields of application.

You can order manufacturing steelworks on a turn-key basis. We can offer delivery and installation of our products on customer’s site.

Advantages of steelworks:

  • strength and reliability of metal;
  • long lifetime in case of correct operation and metal treatment;
  • easy mounting/dismounting and, as a result, convenient transportation and storage  


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