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Reinforced Concrete Products Manufacturing and Realization

Concrete products plant of VESTT Company in Odessa City makes reinforced concrete products using the European equipment manufactured by CGM Company (Italy) through vibroforming. We use stiff concrete while making products. In such a way we achieve immediate unmolding, making available the production capacity from 80 to 200 pieces per shift.

VESTT Company uses Grades В20, В25, В30 concrete in the manufacturing depending on the item. We have developed drawings and specifications for all items for the stock of concrete products. Quality Control Department (QCD) and laboratory are responsible for the quality control at all stages of manufacturing.

  • Crushed stone – checking a grade for crushability, flatness, and factionalism;
  • Sand – fineness modulus, clay particles content and flour content;
  • Cement – compressive strength result of cement, breaking strength;
  • Control of chemical additives to concrete, checking density;
  • QC Dept. checks the material strength property, as well as a concrete batch for its manufacturing;
  • Incoming quality control of each reinforcement batch. tensile test in the third-party laboratory. Availability of quality passports to each reinforcement batch.

According to the results of the incoming quality control, if required, the laboratory corrects the concrete formula for concrete products. The laboratory and QCD check the material strength property, find out and remove the causes of defects of the finished products.

VESTT plant has a big warehouse of finished concrete products in Odessa. This allows meeting the current requirements of customers without delay. In case of insufficient quantity available, the plant will make the required quantity within the stipulated timescale.

VESTT can manufacture concrete products made to order, according to the individual requirements of customers, for the operation in the aggressive environment, as well as with high parameters of frost resistance and water resistance. For the made-to-order reinforced concrete products, our specialists need drawings. If a customer doesn’t have drawings, it will be enough to submit a rough-sketch of the finished product. VESTT design engineering department prepares on its own technical documentation for an item and special shape of the casting mold.

 Advantages of the Reinforced Concrete Products Made by VESTT:

  • We perform a complete set of works related to water supply and water disposal (coast protection) projects. Reinforced concrete products manufacturing, delivery to the site, and installation.
  • The quality of reinforced concrete products is confirmed by the control at all stages of manufacturing. We also carry out incoming quality control of raw materials from third-party suppliers. All reinforced concrete products meet the requirements of DSTU.
  • Direct supply of raw materials from quarries and big cement plants of Ukraine.
  • Experience and own formula for each type of reinforced concrete products.

Delivery of Reinforced Concrete Products through Odessa City

The cost of delivery of concrete products to the customer’s site depends on quantity. For each order, VESTT Department of Transportation chooses the required quantity of units of machinery for transportation and handling operations and calculates the cost of delivery.

We have our own railway spur track, furthermore, we can ship the products to the other regions of Ukraine by rail.

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