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Construction expansion and motor-way repair were caused by the development of transport infrastructure, the increase of cargo and passenger transport. For this purpose, paving slabs made of concrete are often used, giving a boost to the work speed in laying roadway.

Paving Slab Application

Paving slabs are used for road making, temporary access ways, warehouse areas, as well as for the construction of tram tracks. They are submitted in a form of products made of reinforced concrete, plant production, that can cope with the hardest loads.

They are used in places where load-carrying vehicles and special machinery drive through, and pedestrian traffic as well. Since the initial application of slabs was only to create transport junctions, it was a nonstandard approach to make a foundation of paving slabs to erect buildings.

The market of building materials provides purchasers with a number of reinforced concrete products and their variations, solving problems of road pavement installation, a territory of production facilities and warehouse areas, paving garden paths.

Strong Points of Paving slabs

  • Easy technology of laying. It boosts up the erection speed and facilitates the construction works, preserving the acceptable quality of the surface.
  • Low cost of materials used in the work.
  • Reduction of expenditures to the excavation works and other associated works.
  • The surface is reliable, strong, and resistant to frost.
  • After demolition slabs can be used again.

 Advantages of Slabs as a Foundation Base:

  • They may be used for such bases as monolithic, strip foundation, etc.
  • There is no need to make a deep excavation pit.
  • They are used for the laying of foundation on weak soil, horizontally shiftable, and permanently frozen soils.
  • They are laid by a minimum quantity of special machinery.
  • They have heat insulation and waterproof coating.
  • There is even weight distribution of construction across all slabs.
Item brandDimensionsConcrete grade
L, mmB, mmH, mmConcrete volume, m3Item weight, kg


Paving Slab 1P30.18.30 (3000х1750х170)

Slabs are used for quickly erecting road pavement. They are an ideal temporary solution for construction sites, etc. Slabs manufactured by our Company have improved reinforcement. The pattern on the slab surface provides the aesthetic appearance and good tyre traction. All our products undergo severe quality control at all stages of manufacturing. They are factory-fabricated of high-quality concrete (М400).

Load Н-30
Always available at the warehouse
Slabs are delivered by bed trucks.

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