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Concrete Ring KS (KSD)


Concrete rings made according to the cast technology

Item brandDimensionsConcrete grade
L, mmL1, mmB, mmH, mmConcrete volume, m3Item weight, kg
KS 7.9770620759000,15355B 15
KSD 7.9 (with bottom)770620759000,17409B 15
KS 10.12116010008012000,33782B 15
KS 15.121700150010012000,61448B 15
KS 20.6220020001006000,4950B 15
KS 20.9220020001009000,591425B 15
KS 20.122200200010012000,791900B 15
KSD 10.12 (with bottom)116010008012000,38923B 15
KSD 15.12 (with bottom)1700150010012000,741766B 15
KSD 20.9 (with bottom)220020001009001,12640B 15
KSD 20.12 (with bottom)2200200010012001,293096B 15


European-type Concrete rings manufactured using the method of vibroforming

Item brandDimensionsConcrete grade
L, mmL1, mmB, mmH, mmConcrete volume, m3Item weight, kg
KS 10.611601000806000,16374B 15
KS 10.911601000809000,24570B 15
KSD 10.911601000809000,3720B 15
KS 15.616801500906000,26619B 15
KS 15.916801500909000,39942B 15


How you can purchase concrete rings:

Contact the Sales Department by the following phone number: +38 (099) 55 99 000

Concrete products plant of VESTT Company makes and sells reinforced concrete rings, as well as intermediate slabs and bottom for concrete rings.

Manhole Unit Rings

Manhole unit rings are used immediately for the construction of manholes for various purposes. It is convenient and cost-effective to use of concrete rings. Manhole units made of reinforced concrete rings are notable for:

  • long-life,
  • easy installation,
  • reliability,
  • safety.

Manhole unit rings are designed for components of the buried structures operating higher and lower the level of ground waters in aggressive and poorly aggressive environments under the influence of surrounding soil.

The modern private or industrial construction project will not be ready without environmentally-friendly material. Concrete rings manufactured using VESTT manufacturing facilities guarantee reliability and high quality of the structures.

As structural sections, the products are stamped or cast by certain dimensions. The product diameter varies from 0,7 to 2 meters. For height a traditional value is 500 mm, however, it can be made with the side to 1,8 m.


  • wells for water storage
  • laying water supply lines
  • sewers
  • gas pipelines
  • inspection holes
  • septic system in private houses

Reinforced concrete rings are required while installing any manhole. These are water-distribution systems, sewerage systems, or gas transmission networks.

Rings are visually divided into subtypes as follows:

  • With ring lugs. They are in the upper part of the rim, where is an annular groove as well. This “lock” is required to put together in one structure.
  • Without ring lugs or locks. These products facilitate the work. During the installation, they are set in mortar and for reliability are welded by iron cramps.

In private construction, standard rings with the diameter of 0,7-2 meters are used, a popular size is 1 m. It is important to know that big size rings may be a reason for groundwater interruption.

Types (Grades) of Concrete Rings

Concrete rings are marked according to their purpose and overall dimensions. The units of measurement are decimetres or meters. Moreover, there is a letter marking according to DSTU:

  • KS is a wall ring for manway or access;
  • KSD is a manhole ring, having a bottom;
  • KO has supports;
  • KFK is a marking for fermentation chamber or fecal containment system;
  • KLK is for stormwater drainage;
  • KLV is for water intake systems for storm drainage systems;
  • KVG is a marking for water supply and gas-supplying utilities.

Grades of the material used also have a marking. These are traditional values from М200 to М500. Moreover, there is also information on reinforcement. For illustrative purposes, a standard manhole ring has no reinforcement since the concrete wall of the product copes with the side soil load, and pressure, as well.

But for the heavy ground, it is important to strengthen the rings of the structure. That is why a steel rod is used in the item, to 1 cm in diameter, or a grid reinforcement with the cross-section from 0,6 to 1 mm.

If we consider the types of concrete rings, there are three variants:

  • Supplement (non-standard precast) ring. It is used when there are no variants for the installation of elements of a standard pressure forming. And there is a need for items that don’t fit into a standard. This is a strictly custom order.
  • Strengthened with reinforcement steel (reinforced concrete). Such rings are used in communication networks and wells therefor. The peculiarity is a big weight.
  • Wall rings. They are required for making manway at the level of the above-ground surface.

Peculiarities of Reinforced Concrete Rings

Concrete products with a lock joint guarantee the maximum level of ecological safety due to the pressure-tight joint. The structure of any length or width is sealed. This is achieved due to the high-quality installation. Furthermore, the ring has a geometrical peculiarity.  This is the strongest compression load structure.

A concrete formula is a guarantee of long-life and easy work. It will be repaid even despite using access equipment since there is no need for high-cost maintenance service of any pipeline of rings. Moreover, add a budgeted cost and convenient access to the engineering system during assembly.

Just before purchasing, remember that the disadvantage of reinforced concrete rings is their weight. They cannot be installed manually. Even simple products (1х0,7 м) with weight from 800 kg and more cannot be rolled over the construction site. These concrete rings are not designed for such kind of transportation and can crack. Rings with the reinforced grid don’t break, but they have a bigger weight because of the steel framework, that is why it is impossible to transport it manually. VESTT solves this problem and provides the transportation of order.

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