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Ring bottom slab

Item brandDimensionsConcrete grade
D, mmH, mmConcrete volume, m3Item weight, kg
PN 1012001500,17408B15
PN 1517001500,34816B15
PN 2022001500,571368B15

Bottom slabs for reinforced concrete rings (manhole’s):

  • they are distinguished with the increased strength:
  • breaking strength
  • water resistance
  • frost resistance
  • they are used for the manhole bottom covering
  • they serve for hermetic sealing of manholes
  • they prevent ground/underground water penetration into a manhole
  • they prevent penetration of sewage waters into ground

Reinforced concrete rings are products used for the installation of manholes for various purposes.

Types of Reinforced Concrete Rings

The classification of products is carried out by a few parameters.

For its intended purpose that is reflected in marking:

  • KS is a wall ring for the installation of a manhole.
  • KO is a base setting ring designed for making a manhole foundation or supports for a manhole hatch.
  • KLV is a product for making operating chambers of water intake systems for underground water and storm drainage systems.
  • KLK is a manhole chamber for drainback systems, for example, stormwater drainage.
  • KFK is used for the installation of sewerage manhole and chambers of the other domestic sewer systems.
  • KVG is a product designed for the installation of chambers of gas networks and water supply networks.

Reinforced concrete rings are distinguished by the presence or the absence of a locking system, for example, mortise and tenon, called in this case as rebates. Such a device helps while joining items end to end with each other.

The products are different in shape, they may be rectangular or round. We cast rings of the required shape made-to-order.

Supplemented and non-standard precast rings. The latter is designed for the completion of manhole and distinguished by height, and the supplemented examples may have bottoms. In such a case, marking will be KSD.

They may be monolithic, in other words, of the required height made-to-order. This variant facilitates the manhole installation and eliminates leaking through joints. 

Use of Reinforced Concrete Rings

Fields of application of the products are clear from marking, for example:

  • Rings for the installation of catch pits of waste-water disposal system. These products are often manufactured with cheap, contaminated concrete. There shall a bottom in the manhole to prevent penetration of contaminated concrete into the ground/underground waters.
  • Installation of manholes for clear drinking water extraction, without a bottom. In such a case, more severe requirements are applied to the quality and clearness of concrete. It is desirable that they were poured in special forms, greased with wax that fill pores of the concrete.
  • Installation of shafts for laying various cables and fiber-optic systems to protect wires against mechanical damages thereby providing increased strength.
  • For making gullies.

Manufacturing Process

They are manufactured at the plants and production facilities in stages:

  • Preparation of formworks. For example, for manufacturing of nonstandard sizes.
  • Reinforcement cage tying taking into consideration a type of item and its purpose. In different situations a certain type of reinforcement and wire shall be used, and the cages themselves are distinguished by pattern and tying pitch.
  • Installation of a cage into formworks and its centering.
  • Pouring concrete of a certain grade peculiar for each type of ring. For compacting of concrete mixture vibration procedure is used. This excludes hollow-making in an item. In 3-5 days the installation will be possible.
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