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Crushed Stone

VESTT Company sells bulk materials (sand, screenings, crushed stone).

The enterprise has a complex with a total area of 7.1 ha. The complex is located at Kievskoe Hwy with the convenient transport junction.
There are railroad spur and elevated track with the unloading capacity of 50-60 wagons per day. The accuracy of shipment is achieved due to the use of industrial electronic autoscales.

Inert aggregates are stored in the territory, where modern handling equipment works, ensuring timely loading and unloading.


Accurate weight

To control weight we use industrial autoscales

Flexible Cooperation Conditions

There is a convenient payment method, big and small wholesale

Convenient Location

There are road and rail access routes to the warehouses

Own machinery park

Our Company has own park of modern machinery


Ser. No. Name Characteristics UOM Price, UAH
1 Crushed stone (fraction size is 5-10 mm) - t. 420,00 UAH
2 Crushed stone (fraction size is 5-20 mm) - t. 420,00 UAH
3 Crushed stone (fraction size is 20-40 mm) - t. 420,00 UAH
4 Crushed stone (fraction size is 10-20 mm) - t. 420,00 UAH



See Table above to get know price of crushed stone per ton. Hereafter we will describe in detail parameters of crushed stone according to its minimum and maximum sizes, that is fractions.

Furthermore, crushed stone is divided into 4 more types depending on initial material.

Crushed limestone. It is obtained as a result of grinding limestone into small particles. There are three more subtypes thereof:

  • Limits of small fraction fines vary from 5 to 20 mm.
  • Middle fraction is considered to be of 20-40 mm.
  • Coarse fraction will be within 40 to 70 mm.

Rubble. It is used in making foundation and reinforced concrete. Rubble is divided into 4 types according to the fraction sizes:

  • small fraction is from 3 to 10 mm
  • ordinary fraction is from 5 to 20 mm
  • coarse fraction is from 5 to 40 mm
  • full fraction is from 2 to 40 mm

Granite macadam. It has a wide scatter of fractions:

  • 0-5 mm. Such stones aren’t a crushed stone in fact;
  • 0-10 mm;
  • 5-10 mm is the smallest among the acceptable in the market use;
  • fraction of 5-20 mm is used while working with foundation and constructing bridges;
  • middle fraction of 20-40 mm is used for making reinforced concrete;
  • for building railway lines fraction of 25-60 mm is used;
  • while developing concrete, fractions of 20-70mm and 40-70mm are used.

Slag crushed stone. It is used for strengthening bases and making slag blocks. It has a quite big fractions:

  • fraction of 5-10 mm is not very big;
  • fraction of 10-20 mm is called small;
  • fraction of 20-40 mm is defined as a middle one;
  • fraction of 40-70 mm can be called big;
  • fraction of 70-120 mm is the biggest one.
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