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Ready-mix concrete

Concrete is a material used in the construction, artificially obtained as a result of the curing and compacting of a special mix. Depending on the field of application and mixing method, concrete is distinguished by grade, class, and mixture. A concrete mixture is an integral part of the construction of building structures.

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Ser. No. Name Strength grade of concrete according to DSTU B V.2.7-176:2008 (EN 206-1:2000, NEQ) Strength grade of concrete according to DSTU B V.2.7-43-96 UOM

Price including VAT, UAH/Workability



1 Ready-mix concrete   B7,5 M100 1м3 1 720,0 1 740,0
C 8/10 B10 M150 1м3 1 800,0 1 840,0
  B12,5 M150 1м3 1 830,0 1 870,0
C 12/15 B15 M200 1м3 1 940,0 1 960,0
C 16/20 B20 M250 1м3 2 020,0 2 060,0
C 20/25 B25 M300 1м3 2 140,0 2 180,0
C 20/25 B25 M350 1м3 2 280,0 2 310,0
C 25/30 B30 M400 1м3 2 350,0 2 390,0
C 30/35 B35 M450 1м3 2 410,0 2 440,0

Ready-mix concrete
C16/20 W6 B20 M250 1м3 2 100,0 2 150,0
C20/25 W6 B25 M300 1м3 2 240,0 2 290,0
C20/25 W6 B25 M350 1м3 2 300,0 2 350,0
C20/25 W8 B25 M350 1м3 2 360,0 2 400,0

Cement mortar DSTU B V2.7-23-95

М-50 1м3 1 600,0
М-75 1м3 1 670,0
М-100 1м3 1 740,0
М-150 1м3 1 900,0
М-200 1м3 2 000,0
М-250 1м3 2 100,0


Concrete Grade

The concrete grade is a parameter, characterizing the compressive strength. It is marked with M letter and defined using dynamic force applied to the pre-cast cubical-shaped exemplar with a side of 10, 15, or 20 cm. The shape size shall match the laboratory equipment, available for tests..

Prepared mix is left in the form for curing. The concrete hardens for a long time. This is one of its disadvantages. In a week the concrete reaches 70% of the maximum value. In 28 days the exemplar is considered to be fit for use, since it reaches 100% of the grade strength, which will continue to grow during the operational life.

According to GOST 26633-91 (note: it is invalid in Ukraine and replaced with DSTU B V2.7-43-96). Concrete grade (as to the compression breaking strength) is classified from М50 to М1000. Figures mean the limit of strength in the relevant units: [kg/m3]. The grade is proportional to the strength quality, that is М50 ≈ В3.5, and М250 ≈ В20.

Class of Concrete

This parameter is marked with B letter, and values are defined in MPa. For example, V20 class guarantees that the product withstands the pressure of 20 MPa.

The strength and, correspondingly, the product class depend on:

  • Cement percent-size in a mixture;
  • Water-to-cement ratio. An excessive quantity of water in the mixture will result in a high concentration of pores.
  • Aggregate proportion. Admixtures and extra additives reduce the quality of a mixture.
  • Mixture compacting. The correctly compressed mixture will have a high rate of strength.

According to GOST 26633-91 range of values of classes for concrete: [V3.5 to V80].


The material is classified according to 2 parameters, that is density and purpose.

  • As to the density:
    • High-Density Concrete - > 2500 kg/m3. The base for the mixing is steel grit and iron ore.
    • Heavy Weight Concrete – from 1800 to 2500 1800 kg/m3. The required strength is achieved due to the aggregate: rocks, limestone, granite.
    • Light-Weight Concrete – from 500 to 1800 1800 kg/m3. It is made of light aggregate.
  • As to the purpose: :
    • Pavement or airfield-grade concrete.
    • Waterproof (hydraulic concrete). It is designed for operation in the relevant environment, namely, gateways, waste-water disposal systems, etc.
    • Common. It is used for foundations, columns, and reinforced concrete products.
    • Special. It is used under special conditions, namely, high temperature, radiation, and acid environment.

Application of Concrete Constructions

The grade and class of concrete define for what structures it can be used. You shouldn’t use heavy and expensive M500 where you can do with М150.

  • М100 and lower is used as a preparation for the roadway.
  • М150 has enough strength to be used during the construction of paving slabs and pedestrian ways.
  • М250 is suitable for the construction of foundations of various types, for example, strip, pile foundations.
  • М450 is a grade of increased strength. This concrete is used in the construction of bridge structures, storage structures.
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