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Ser. No. Name Characteristics UOM Price, UAH
1 Screening (fraction size is 0,5 mm) - t 420,00 UAH
2 Pit sand - t 420,00 UAH
3 Sand (washed) from Voznesensky Quarry - t 420,00 UAH
4 Sand (washed) from Nikitovsky Quarry - t 420,00 UAH



Sand is widely used in construction and its quality influences the building strength.

Types of Mortar Sand and Methods of Application

  • stream sand
  • pit sand
  • quartz sand
  • beach sand

Pit Sand

It is quarried in pits. Such sand shall not have any admixes, for example, clay. In construction, it is used for cement mortar screed, foundation, masonry admixture, etc. If you build a house, you will need this sand. Bringing the sand on your own will be difficult since you need to rent a lot of additional loading equipment. In VESTT Construction Company you can buy sand delivery included. Price for a ton is mentioned in Table above.

Stream Sand

It is quarried from river bottoms. There is no clay and there are almost no stones. It is used for concrete fluid, asphalt concrete, and sand and cement mortar screed.

Beach Sand

It looks like the stream sand, but the cost is higher. Heavy expenses are spent on its quarrying since it requires post-treatment. As a result, we will obtain material that can be used for the foundation drainage systems, landscape design, and so forth.

Quartz Sand

This is an artificial type of sand that is obtained by grinding white quartz. It has no admixes, so it is quite strong. It is used for dry mixes, silica bricks, and blocks made of concrete.

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