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Grain Truck Semitrailers

Grain truck semitrailer is a necessary vehicle in the agricultural sector. It is used for transporting loose materials. There is a lot of various models with different characteristics and peculiarities. Here are semitrailers, we manufacture.

Types of Grain Trucks

There are four the most popular types of grain trucks.

  • Dump truck is used for transporting large volumes, it holds several dozens of tons. The mechanism allows doing unloading by one person, doesn’t require additional resources.
  • Drop-side truck may transport load up to twenty tons. But to discharge grain, a special brigade is required.
  • Road train can transport over thirty tons simultaneously due to two bodies. It is suitable for big enterprises.
  • Tank truck keeps the grain quality during transportation.


Grain truck semitrailer is designed for the transportation of grain crops. For example,

  • Feedstuff
  • Sunflower seed
  • Malt
  • Wheat

Discharge of cargo is carried out in several ways depending on a certain trailer:

  • One- and two-sided – lower side plates are lifted.
  • Bottom discharge is carried out through the hatches at the bottom.
  • Dumping – due to the mechanism the trailer body is filled and drops grain.

The semitrailer design is notable for a strong frame made of steel and able to withstand heavy loads.

Grain trucks can be used under various climatic conditions, where air temperature variates from -45 to +45°C.

There are several types of braking system:

  • pneumatic braking system,
  • two-line braking system with drum brakes,
  • parking brake system.


Semitrailers are notable for good road-holding ability, enter turns, and are predictable during the reverse motion. There are no difficulties with driving even in young drivers.

Ordering a semitrailer, you can choose specifications and dimensions. Design is drawn taking into consideration all desires of customers. Any paint colour is possible. Also, there can be advertising slogans.

They have wheel blocks and side fences. There is a spare extra wheel and a box, where tools can be put.

Grain truck semitrailer is essential machinery in the agricultural enterprise. Specifications allow delivering cargo quickly and reliably. The capacity of such semitrailers allows transporting large volumes.

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