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VESTT-930011 2-Axle Platform Semitrailer


The semitrailer is designed for the transportation of large vehicles and other equipment on the hard covered roads or general-purpose roads. Prototypes were models like Scania and other analogues, the bolster body height of which is no more than 12,5 cm.



Characteristics Value
Payload, kg 20000 (29000*)
Curb weight, kg 9000
Full weight, kg 29000 (38000*)

Load distribution by full weight, kgс:

  • through a trailer hitch
  • through the tires of wheels


13000 (17000*)
16000 (21000*)

Overall dimensions, mm:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Height when loaded, mm (max)
  • Truck bed height, mm


2550 (3200)

Wheelbase, mm 11800+1300
Ground clearance, mm (min) 350


* Allowed by the design

Undercarriage and Support

The undercarriage is made of two parts, both of which are air suspension manufactured by VESTT.

We used tubeless tires with the parameters of 235/75R17.5.

There are doubled wheels, disk-type. They are fixed to the hub with special screw nuts like М22х1.5, which meet the requirements of GOST 8918-70. The total number of wheels with the spare extra one is 9.

The support device, in its turn, is a two-speed, mechanical one with the hand-operated drive gear. You can choose the support leg between HAACОN and JОST.

Frame and Platform

The frame is made in the form of a carbon and low-alloy steel fabricated frame. Bearing plate near the coupling pin is made of 09G2S steel, 1 cm thick. Cross members are uniform, made of shaped pipe, passed through the special holes in the side members, and welded on. There is a removable coupling pin diameter of 2” fixed thereto using 8 M14 bolts, with the strength category of 10.9 points.

The unit is a rectangular structure in the front-end of which there is a bend and supplement spring-driven loading ramp to drive into large vehicles. The length of the flat area of landing is 11 meters. There are additional withdrawable elements that allow increasing the width of the platform to 3.2 meters. The angle for vehicle driving into is 13 degrees. The front-end of the vehicle is equipped with nonremovable boards. Moreover, there are two additional nonremovable sideboards. The height of each board is 40 cm.

The platform flooring is made of a 4 cm steel ribbed sheet.

Equipping and Electric Equipment

The following equipment is installed on the platform:

  • rear wheel splash guards;
  • special wheel chocks for any scale vehicles;
  • smaller wheel chocks in the amount of 2 pieces.

Electrical equipment is made in the form of one-wire circuit, fed from the towing common automotive-type source with the voltage of 24V. Other specifications of all electrical equipment meet the established requirements of DSTU UN / ЕCE R48-02.


Depending on customer needs, any colour may be chosen (customer shall define it). MS-067 precoating is covered with two layers of MS-17 enamel.


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