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VESTT-930018 tri-axle platform semitrailer


The semitrailer is designed for the transportation of large machinery and equipment on the hard covered roads or general use roads.

The basis for its development was such vehicles as KAMAZ, MAZ, KrAZ, Volvo, etc.



Characteristics Value
Payload, kg 21000 (34500*)
Curb weight, kg 14000
Full weight, kg 35000 (48500*)

Load distribution by full weight, kgс:

  • through a trailer hitch
  • through the tires of wheels


13000 (17000*)
22000 (31500*)

Overall dimensions, mm:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Height when loaded, mm (max)


2550 – 3500

Wheelbase, mm 13900+1350+1350
Ground clearance, mm (min) 280


* Allowed by the design at a travel speed no more than 80 km/h

Electrical Equipment and Equipping

All wiring is made in the form of a one-wire circuit fed by the common accumulator unit. All lighting devices are made following the requirements described in DSTU UN/ECE R48-02. As to the equipping, the platform is provided with wheel splash guards, additional wheel chocks, and boxes for various accessories.

Braking System

The semitrailer is equipped with two types of braking systems:

  1. • Parking brake is installed on two axles (the first and the second) and is activated by special accumulators for brake chambers of the service brake system.
  2. • Service brake system is a pneumatic, working, two-wire system. It is used at once on all wheels in the form of drum-type tread brakes.

In a custom order, we can install EBS instead of standard ABS (manufactured by WABCO under 2S/2M scheme).

Undercarriage and Platform

The undercarriage is assembled by VESTT Company based on three-axle pneumatic. The third axle is additionally provided with the hand drive for lifting. There are tubeless tires with the parameters of 270/70R22.5. Taking into consideration the spare extra wheel the unit is equipped with 13 wheels, fixed to the hub by special screw nuts meeting the requirements of GOST 8918-70. There are doubled wheels, disk-type.


Depending on customer’s request, any colour is possible. We use first a layer of MS-067 precoating and then two layers of MS-17 enamel.


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