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Low-boy Trailers for the Transportation of Combine Harvesters

Trailers for the transportation of agricultural machinery are required in various regions of our country. Due to them, vehicles are delivered quickly and in the right place. There is an option to choose among the standard models or to order a trailer from the manufacturer according to own dimensions with required parameters.

Types of Trailers

There are 2 popular standard trailers. One of them is required for the transportation of machinery, and another one is for the transportation of foodstuff. The quality of trailers is paid great attention. They must be long-wearing, reliable, do a good job within their specifications.

Both models of trailers may be operated using trailer trucks. They are Kamaz-54115, Maz-54323, etc. The enterprise is able to release various trailers, you should choose based on the specifications.


Combine harvester truck trailer is used to transport almost 19 tons of load. At the same time semitrailer mass is 8 tons. It is very important to take into consideration this fact while planning transportation. The width of this trailer may be up to 3,8 m. This is enough to load even a huge combine harvester and deliver it in a safe manner. It is also important to take into consideration the wheel tread, it is 2,83 m. It is possible to transport tractor and grain machinery on the auto-roads. When routing, it is required to take into consideration the dimensions of the trailer.

Another variant is a grain truck semitrailer. It is designed for transportation of grain, feedstuff, and another bulk stock. According to the specifications such a variant can transport 21 tons. At the same time its width is 3,8 m. During the transportation the height shall also be taken into consideration, it is  2,5 m.


The use of modern trailers for transportation has many advantages. They are ideal for a moderate climate. Air temperature can be from -45 to +45°C. This means usual use at any time of day or night. Categorization 1 according to GOST 15150 guarantees reliability,  long-life, and stability.

It is convenient, that there can be advertising slogans and suitable colour. For any agricultural company, these trailers are irreplaceable.

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