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VESTT-975311 3-Axle Combine Trailer


The trailer was designed for the transportation of various combines as well as other machinery on the hard covered roads.

The unit is designed for the operation under the temperature from -40 to +40°C with the ambient environment air humidity no more than 80%. The vehicle can be stored outdoors. The unit is assembled following the requirements of GOST 15150 and according to the “U” climatic level, the first category.


Characteristics Value
Payload, kg 23000 (36000*)
Curb weight, kg 12000
Full weight, kg 35000 (48000*)

Load distribution by full weight, kgс:

  • through a trailer hitch
  • through the tires of wheels


13000 (18000*)
22000 (30000*)

Overall dimensions, mm:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Height with a combine, equipment, mm (max)


2550 (3500**)

Wheelbase, mm 13900
Ground clearance, mm (min) 320


  • – *Allowed by the design
  • – **Width of semitrailer in the unfolded position


Peculiarities of Braking System

There are two types of braking system:

  • Parking brake is activated using accumulators of brake chambers. It is used as a backup. It is activated using a hand-operated pneumatic valve that is a disconnect-type valve and located in the rear part of the vehicle;
  • Standard braking system is activated by a foot brake. It consists of the relay and disconnecting valves, trunk filters, and air dispensers as well as there are two coupling heads. In case of failure in the system of pipelines or air hose, the air will be released from the system, causing a sharp drop of general pressure, and, as a result, the brake chamber is activated. The unit is equipped with two air cylinders with a total capacity of 160 litres.

Platform and Undercarriage

The height of the platform sideboards is 4 cm. There are two removable and one back. There are wideners that can increase the platform to 350 cm.

The undercarriage is made of three parts on the air suspension manufactured by VESTT. The pneumatic tubed tires with the parameters of 235/75R17,5 are used having the load index of 140/143 J.

The total number of wheels with the spare extra one is 13. They are made in the form of a doubled disc, attaching to the hub using screw nuts (meeting the requirements of GOST 8918-70).


The structure is made of carbon steel and low-alloy steel at the same. The whole cross members are made of a rolled pipe. To improve strength they are welded, previously passed through the special holes of the side members. The base of support is made of 09G2S steel, 1 cm thick. There is a removable coupling pin diameter of 2” installed on the semitrailer fixed using 8 M14 bolts, with the strength category of 10.9 points.


Colour depends on customer’s request. There are two layers of MS-17 enamel after a layer of MS-067 precoating.


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